Youcubed at Home

In these times of uncertainty, youcubed is here to help students at home continue to explore and learn maths in rich and creative ways. We are collecting here modified versions of our tasks to be more home-friendly, as well as some new explorations designed for learners at home.

Please help us distribute these to anyone who might use them and share your students’ work with our community using the hashtag #YoucubedAtHome in social media.

In this activity explore ways of counting large amounts of flowers, trees, birds, people, and more in spaces and places […]

Lately, we’ve seen some lovely hopscotches made by our neighbors in sidewalk chalk for everyone to use, but what would […]

In this activity, students guess the number you are thinking of given clues. This is a fun way to build […]

Intersecting a 3D shape and a plane might seem intimidating, but a few bottles, a box cutter, and some creativity […]

This layout based on how apple trees are planted in orchards leads to some interesting explorations of area, patterns, and […]

How many times have you come across a tree and thought that tree is humongous? What do you measure with? […]

We’ve been inspired by the beautiful art many people are making on their windows with sticky notes to cheer up […]

Fractions are all around us! Walk around the house, yard and neighborhood with your child. Where do you see fractions? […]

Create a painting with sponges cut into different shapes. While painting like this, you experience the movement of rigid transformations […]

Tiling can be really beautiful and deeply mathematical. Looking at tilings we can think about the base units that make […]

This is a fun sidewalk chalk activity that gets everyone moving and having interesting conversations about numbers! Draw a number […]

We use cylinders and circles around the house all the time like cans, tortillas, and rolls of paper towels, but […]

 Is there really mathematics in finger painting? Yes, of course there is! From finger discrimination and counting to systems thinking […]

As you are walking with your child in your neighborhood you can have a mathematical conversation about the numbers on […]

Mathematical games are often simple to play, but hard to master and Nim Games are no exception. You only need […]

Estimating might sound like an activity from young children, and although it is fantastic for them to estimate how many […]

Number talks, developed by Ruth Parker, are an activity you can do with your kids on a walk or in […]

Many families celebrate the arrival of spring with candy egg hunts, and these can be an opportunity for math conversations, […]

Many of the games we play to pass the time can be easily modified to integrate some math. For example, […]

Numbers come up in day to day life all the time. How can we use these moments to have a […]

One of my favorite things to do with and for my family is cook. Without our kids going to school […]

Connecting art and math this activity can be fun for the whole family! Working in the outdoor space you have, […]

This two-player game has a long history with professional mathematicians, we want you all to join in too! Take turns […]

This activity from NRich has students exploring shapes and colors. In this activity students investigate the combinations of ways they […]

In this activity, students develop their number sense and number fluency. They have an opportunity to visualize and develop their […]

This problem asks how many ways can a bunny called Leo can hop up 10 steps but, perhaps surprisingly, there […]

This activity encourages students of all ages to take a deeper look at a familiar view: right outside their window. […]

We had originally designed this activity for the younger members of the family, but we know counting on fingers is […]

Everyone is a mathematician! Make posters sharing the many aspects of your identity and add to it “and I’m a […]

In this activity we use the familiar structure of cards, but we have moved the emphasis to number sense and […]

This activity allows students an opportunity to think creatively about numbers. Students use animals to model different ways to make […]

This activity allows students to develop their number fluency and connect visuals with sums. Start with 10 dice. Roll all […]

Right now in the news, there are many articles that include graphs and other data representations. Take some time to […]

You can take a stroll through your neighborhood or a park (maintaining social distance!) and pick up leaves along the […]

This activity is an opportunity to think creatively about how to make different shapes using any size sheet of paper. […]

This activity makes space for the whole family to be creative! Together, create as many designs as possible using four […]

You can do this alone or with a group. With just one sheet of paper groups of students and families […]

Students can survey their family on a topic of their choice and make a graph describing their findings.

While sitting around the table, ask your student to figure out how many feet are under the table without looking. […]

We encourage students to expand this activity and discuss the math you see in public art AND ANYWHERE! (Really anywhere! […]

In this activity students color-code collections of circles as they look for patterns. They can do this directly on a […]

Students draw an 11×13 grid and try to find the fewest number of squares they can use to cover it […]

In this activity, students use snap cubes to make sense of parts and wholes and relate that to addition and […]