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Online Courses

We offer 3 self-paced, online courses for educators– Mathematical Mindsets, How to Learn Math for Teachers and 21st Century Teaching and Learning: Data Science.  Mathematical Mindsets unpacks the teaching approach used in an 18-lesson intervention that raised the achievement of students by the equivalent of 2.8 years of school.  How to Learn Math for Teachers is Jo Boaler’s groundbreaking online course, now in its second edition.  Our data sience course is designed to help anyone teach – and learn – with a 21st century approach to knowledge and teaching.

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Live Classes

We host two types of synchronous professional development for educators:  in-person classes at Stanford and virtual workshops.  Each year we offer training on how to teach the youcubed summer camp, once in person and once online, and enrollment in either workshop includes access to the camp curriculum. We also host a yearly mathematics leadership summit at Stanford. Our other workshop offerings vary each year and in Fall 2024, by popular demand, we will host training on teaching mathematics as a conceptual and connected subject for 3 different grade bands in an online, after school (Pacific Time) format!

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