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Mindset Mathematics Workshops

Join Jo Boaler and the youcubed team on the Stanford campus and learn how to teach math with a growth mindset!  Each session is appropriate for K-12 teachers, coaches and administrators. In this workshop, we focus on exploring content and the pedagogy that promotes a growth mindset.

Each session includes:

  • A 3-hour opening and 2-hour closing session with Jo Boaler
  • A copy of our summer camp curriculum in print and on a flash drive
  • Two full days of professional development focusing on mindset mathematics content and pedagogy
  • Breakfast and lunch both days
2018 Dates (click on session to register)

Mathematics Leadership Summits

Two days of professional learning focused on leading mindset and mathematics change in schools, districts, counties and beyond. You will be engaging in content from the latest neuroscience and mathematics education research while meeting other professionals who are leading similar changes. This is an interactive format where we will discuss challenges and solutions.

Topics include:

  • Building a mindset mathematics culture
  • Resources for your teachers
  • Leading change and meeting teachers where they are
  • Thinking about systems and how they support the mindset mathematics culture
2018 Dates (click on session to register)
  • Monday-Tuesday, February 5-6  SOLD OUT!
  • Monday-Tuesday, August 20-21  SOLD OUT!
Curriculum Seminar (see description below)
"This workshop helped me fuel the little spark I had inside. I already believed in growth mindset but felt like I lacked the power to bring about change. My little spark is now an explosion. I can’t wait to start the movement of change!"
"This workshop allows for some great networking opportunities. It gives us amazing data and resources to take back to our district. This also gave me a better understanding of what growth mindset is."
"This workshop has truly been life changing. I feel like my struggle is finally being relieved! Math can be fun, exciting and creative! Thank you!"
"This workshop has been the single best professional development because it freed me from the confines of traditional math instruction."
"This workshop made me truly understand how math can be brought to students as a creative, free subject for all students to experience."
"This workshop reminded me why I love education so much, the ability to inspire young minds to see their own potential. I wish more of my colleagues would come to one of these!"
"This workshop will affirm those hidden beliefs you previously only held in your heart regarding students and learning… it will allow you to put them into action!"

NEW One-Day Mindset Mathematics Curriculum Seminar!

Join authors Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams for a day of learning focused on the K-8 curriculum book series: Mindset Mathematics. We will discuss the research that supports the creation of these maths activities and talk about why we have chosen to focus on: visualize, play and investigate.  Participants will experience the joy of working on open, visual, creative mathematics as we will engage in activities together. Participants will leave with an understanding of the research and authors’ intent of the big ideas and lessons provided in the series Mindset Mathematics.

This workshop is good for those who are using Mindset Mathematics in teaching their students or in teacher education. Prepare to be inspired and changed by working together on and understanding the beauty of creative, visual mathematics.

Sample Agenda:

  • Kick off session with Professor Jo Boaler
  • Interactive sessions with Cathy Williams on implementing the Mindset Mathematics curriculum
  • Breakfast and lunch included

Participants in the seminar will receive a free copy of the book of their choice (Grade 3, Grade 4 or Grade 5) and a PDF file of the math activities!

We are offering one pilot session of this seminar in 2018 on October 15.  We are hoping to offer more sessions in 2019– sign up for our professional development interest below to make sure you are notified when next year’s schedule is announced!

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