Dice Games (K-12) [video]

This activity allows students to develop their number fluency and connect visuals with sums. Start with 10 dice. Roll all 10 dice and set aside all the sets of dice that add up to 10. Roll the remaining dice until all the dice are grouped. You can play this alone or with others. You can play in two different ways: the winner can be the person who only has one dice remaining or the person who groups all of their dice first. This second way might involve breaking up groups of 10 you have already made to make new ones.

Some additional ways to play:

  • Group dice into sets that add up to 15
  • Group dice into sets that add up to 20
  • Group dice into sets that have a product of 24
  • Ask ‘How many different ways can you roll 10 dice to make 55? Using just addition? What about using other operations?’