Assessment & Grading

This page gives advice and resources to help teachers move to a method of assessment that can offer students a changed relationship with their learning. It is called “Assessment for Learning” and it is both described in the “aligning assessment to brain science” article and outlined in ten strategies from David Wees. Our performance and testing culture harms students and the continual assessment of students through tests, grades and homework is part of why so many students have a negative relationship with mathematics. There is a much better way to collect evidence on students learning, that also helps them learn, that we recommend. My book: ‘Mathematical Mindsets’ also includes a chapter on assessment that shares the work of innovative teachers who changed their assessment methods with impressive results.

The complex ways that children understand mathematics is fascinating to me. Students ask questions, see ideas, draw representations, connect methods, […]

Assessment for learning (A4L) teaching strategies have been shown to drastically increase student achievement, if they are used instead of […]