Parent Resources

We now know that the messages we give students can change their performance dramatically, and that students need to know […]

Available in English and Spanish!  Here are 6 ideas for parents/guardians to try, and links to many more resources.

Speed doesn’t matter, and there’s no such thing as a “math person.”

Is our attitude towards maths killing the subject for children? Professor Jo Boaler believes a widespread belief in the existence […]

Stanford Professor Jo Boaler says that students most effectively learn “math facts” working on problems that they enjoy, rather than […]

Mathematics classes of the past decade have valued one type of math learner, one who can memorize well and calculate […]

People labeled “smart” at a young age don’t deal well with being wrong. Life grows stagnant. “Mistakes grow your brain,” […]

A video made especially for parents and teachers on why we need the common core. It shows some great data […]

There is a math crisis in America. By middle school, two-thirds of our students will fall behind grade level in […]

A paper by Jo with some important ideas about mathematics messages and the opening of tasks.

Jo describes what math classrooms should look like in 2 pages that may be useful to give to parents/administrators.