Sidewalk Chalk Designs (K-12) [video]

Connecting art and math this activity can be fun for the whole family! Working in the outdoor space you have, create designs with tape and chalk. Consider spending time looking at geometric art online for some inspiration. 

When admiring your work ask mathematical questions about the design. Be curious about what was created and use questions that give students opportunities to count and organize sections, describe sections using fractions and percentages, discuss scaling the design up or down, measuring dimensions, and finding area and perimeter. 

Here are some questions you might ask while enjoying this activity:  

  • How many sections did you make in your design? 
  • How many parts are green? 
  • What percent of your design is yellow? 
  • What fraction of your design is blue?
  • How many times bigger is your design outside than your draft on paper?
  • Which section has the largest area? How do you know?
  • Which section has the largest perimeter? How can you tell?
  • What is the fewest number of colors you can use so that no adjacent sections are the same color? Can you create a design that requires more colors than your original one?

Suggested Materials:

    • Blue painters tape
    • Sidewalk Chalk OR supplies to make your own chalk (cornstarch OR baking Soda, food coloring (if you want colored chalk), water, paint brushes)
    • Rulers, measuring sticks, measuring tape