Sponge Art Transformations (K-10) [video]

Create a painting with sponges cut into different shapes. While painting like this, you experience the movement of rigid transformations through slides, turns, and flips. And paint some beautiful new artwork for the house! Discuss how the shape moved. Look for connections between slides, turns, and flips, consider exploring how to use a set of transformations to produce the same result as a different transformation.  

Explore the language and representation of the rigid transformations on a coordinate grid by creating your sponge art on grid paper. Consider using a variety of grids – squares, triangles, or even hexagons! Upload a picture of your painting to Geogebra for a dynamic way to investigate different transformations!

Challenge yourself to create a tessellation like the famous artist M.C. Escher.

This version is adapted from the lesson Slide It, Flip It, Turn It in book 8 of the Mindset Mathematics Books.