MAA Instructional Practices Guide

The Mathematical Association of America published The MAA Instructional Practices Guide in 2017 aiming to share evidence-based practices with mathematics instructors to facilitate meaningful learning for students. Here are two exciting quotes from the manifesto section of document and you can find the full version in the page linked below:
“Because access to success in mathematics is not distributed fairly, the opportunities that accompany success in mathematics are also not distributed fairly. We in the mathematical sciences community should not affirm this inequitable situation as an acceptable status quo.”
“Mathematics instructors stand at a crossroads. We must gather the courage to take the difficult path of change. We must gather the courage to venture down the path of uncertainty and try new evidence-based strategies that actively engage students in the learning experience. We must gather the courage to advocate beyond our own classroom for student-centered instructional strategies that promote equitable access to mathematics for all students.”