Professional Development at Stanford with Jo Boaler

Teaching Mindset Mathematics

Join Jo Boaler and the youcubed team on the Stanford campus and learn how to teach math with a growth mindset!

Each workshop includes:

  • Kick-off and closing sessions featuring Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University
  • Two days of professional development taught by experienced youcubed staff
  • The curriculum from our 2015 Summer Math Camp in a take-home binder (made available exclusively to workshop participants to ensure high quality implementation)

2017 Dates

  • January 25-26 SOLD OUT!
  • February 3-4 SOLD OUT!
  • March 8-9 SOLD OUT!
  • April 24-25 SOLD OUT!
  • May 15-16 SOLD OUT!
  • June 13-14 SOLD OUT!
  • September 11-12
  • November 6-7


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