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Visual, creative, maths tasks

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Number Sense, Patterns + Generalizations, Shape, Space + Measures

Finding Pi

Many students in the US think of Pi as a number they should memorize, when the most important idea for students to learn is that Pi is a very cool relationship, that exists inside all circles in the world. In this task students will find that relationship themselves, through cutting and folding, and be asked […]

Number Sense, Patterns + Generalizations, Shape, Space + Measures

30 Cubes

This task is intended to support students building their own identity as a mathematics explorer. They will generate their own data and look for patterns within a sequence. They should work to determine ways to organize their findings so they can make convincing arguments and conjectures. Students are asked to think in cubes by building, […]

Number Sense, Data, Probability + Statistics, Data Science

Leo The Rabbit

Leo the Rabbit has become a youcubed favorite. It is a great problem for using creativity to illustrate and justify student thinking and it leads to rich class discussion.

Number Sense, Patterns + Generalizations, Shape, Space + Measures, Data, Probability + Statistics, Data Science

Moving with Data

In this task, students work together to create live data visualizations of a dataset about Marvel movies. Each student is given a data card that provides information about one movie, the student’s job is to play the part of “data point” as the class works to physically organize themselves into ‘live’ visualizations of the data. […]

Number Sense, Patterns + Generalizations, Shape, Space + Measures

Painted Cube

Students build and draw three-dimensional cubes made up of small unit cubes. Student study patterns by analyzing the number of sides painted of each unit cube, which made up the larger painted cube.

Number Sense, Patterns + Generalizations, Shape, Space + Measures

36 Fences

In this task students explore changing areas and patterns of numbers. It is a low floor high ceiling task that can be used with many grade levels. The question posed is : what is the biggest fence that can be made out of 36 pieces of fence?

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