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Four Boosting Math Messages from Jo and Her Students

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Girl, Grade 12

I used to be good at math in elementary school when we were using numbers all the time and solving problems. Then, when I got to middle school everything changed! We started using variables, which I did not get why not just use numbers! And our assignments…

Boy, grade 11

My math classes were hard. In 8th grade I had a really hard time in algebra. I just couldn’t get the answers. It was so confusing. Then my 8th grade teacher started showing me different ways to understand. He used graphs and tables and pictures. He never…

Girl, grade 12

I like math. I am pretty good at it. When I took algebra I did ok. I felt I really understood it. I passed the state test. But then I got my class schedule for the next year and they had put me back in algebra! I…

Share your story about a time when you have faced difficulties with math and overcome them!

Try some of our Favorite Math Puzzles and Challenges, with Thanks to our Friends at Cambridge University, NRICH


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November 3, 20153 Block Towers

November 3, 2015School Fair Necklaces

November 3, 2015Nim-7


November 3, 2015Friday 13th

November 3, 2015Hex

November 3, 2015Marbles in a Box

November 3, 2015Diminishing Returns

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