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      omardada on #11981

      Area of a triangle is equal to 1/2 the area of a rectangle as long as the base and height remain the same.

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        wccs-lg on #11982

        Thanks for the last hint it enabled me to do no. 5

        I won’t be a spoiler but here is a further hint – change your mindset – not all your folds need to be “neat”.

        Hope this helps..

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      mogorman on #10834

      Would love to hear someone solutions!

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      benmackay03 on #8800

      I feel silly but I can’t even get past #3!  How do you fold the square to make a triangle that is 1/4 the area of the original square that is not congruent to the first one?  Every attempt I make no matter how I fold it ends up being the same triangle.

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        Participant on #11312

        Ignore the folds on the paper.  They are distracting and might be inadvertently leading you to add constraints where there aren’t any.

        I am sending a few hints.  Start with a fresh paper, fold it in half and ask, “Why can’t the non-congruent triangle come out of a rectangle?” Do you see it now?  I don’t think the later tasks had to be “added on” to what was done before.

        As I read the task, I thought I would have extra squares of paper ready for when students asked for it or when they started to say the folds were adding a distraction.



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      Cynthia on #3078

      Able to do tasks 1-4, but task 5 stumped.
      used solution to #4 as template for finding 5.
      tried reorienting.
      couldn’t find.

    • Anonymous on #2015

      Tell us what you think about Paper Folding Fun

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