Trap the Zoid

Task Instructions

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with 2 parallel sides

  1. Draw this trapezoid on graph paper
  2. Label the lengths of the parallel sides a and b, and the distance between sides a and b, h, the height
  3. Measure a, b and h. Record the measurements of your trapezoid in the table and determine the sum of sides a and b and the area of your trapezoid
  4. Draw at least 5 more trapezoids and record the measurements of a, b, h, a + b and the area in the table
  5. Can you see a pattern in the data you have entered in your table? If not, draw some more trapezoids and record your results. Check for a pattern again
  6. Using your pattern, explain how you could calculate the area of a trapezoid


  • Graph Paper
  • Pencils for drawing