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Race to One Hundred

This game provides students an opportunity to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as they try to reach 100 on a number chart. The game can be modified by adding more dice or using dice with more than 6 sides. Students will have fun playing as well as making up their own rules for a new game.

Task Instructions

  • Each player takes turns rolling the two dice.  Markers are placed at zero.
  • Player 1 may choose to calculate the sum, difference, product or quotient of the two numbers displayed on the dice.
  • Player 1 then moves their marker to that number on the chart.
  • Player 2 takes their turn.
  • For player 1’s second turn they determine the sum, difference, product or quotient. This number is then added to the number under their marker and the marker is moved to this sum.
  • Play ends when one player reaches one hundred.
  • If a player rolls and computes a number that cannot be added to the last number without going over 100 they lose their turn.
  • If player 1 reaches 100 first, player 2 finishes the round to see if they can tie the game.


Players can choose to include negative number achieved through taking the difference of two numbers where the number subtracted is greater than the starting number.


  • Two dice
  • One hundred chart
  • Two markers
  • Pencils and scratch paper