Where do youcubed tasks come from?

Youcubed is a small group of people working to get as many free and inspiring maths ideas out to teachers and learners as possible. Our tasks in our Week of Inspirational Maths (WiM) lessons, our task page, our free algebra lessons, and all other places, are an eclectic mix of ideas. Sometimes we invent maths tasks, which we love to do. Sometimes we share ideas from our maths friends who also provide free tasks especially NRICH in the UK, VisualPatterns.org, Mathpickle, Discovering the Art of Mathematics, so we can help get their ideas to as many people as possible. Most typically we adapt existing tasks to align them with youcubed’s approach of a mathematics that is open, visual and creative. We also strive to create lesson plans and tasks that integrate brain science, mindset and other important messages to learners.   Occasionally we share classic tasks, where we have no idea who originally created the activity. Painted Cube is a good example of this – where did that begin?! We always strive to credit the creator of a task, if you know where tasks originated, and we have not included the name, please send us a friendly note and we will make it right. And please enjoy and share youcubed tasks freely with others  – we have a maths revolution to bring about, and the best way to start it is to give students creative and inspiring maths tasks. We are appreciative of all of our colleagues, worldwide, who are joining us in this important mission of making mathematics inspiring to all learners. We are stronger together.

Viva La Revolution!  Jo Boaler.