Week 2: Grades 9-12

Day 1
The Many Ways We See Mathematics (Grades 9-12)

Day 1 begins with a film that explains how our brains grow and change. After the film all grade level students are asked to do the same dot card number talk. We chose this because we believe all learners should experience the different ways we see and visualize numbers. We use these number talks with people of all ages including college students and CEO’s of companies; they are powerful and thought provoking. The dot card is followed by an important activity to help students work well in groups. We also included a rich activity that shows students another open and creative way to try to fill an area with squares.

Content: Area, number sense, visualizing, numbers representations

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Day 2
Mistakes are Beautiful Things (Grades 9-12)

Day 2 begins with a film explaining that mistakes are powerful. Grades 3 – 12 will experience an adaptation of one of our favorite lessons from our 2015 summer camp curriculum. This activity asks students to read and understand an interesting graph without numbers. After students discuss the meaning of the graph, they will have opportunities to create their own graphs.

Content: Graphical interpretation, graphical representation, represent and interpret data

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Day 3
When you Believe, Amazing Things Happen (Grades 9-12)

Day 3 begins with a film showing students that the beliefs they have about themselves and their learning potential changes the way their brain works. Grades 3-12 will work on a shapes task where they will first work visually on completing the pattern. After students share the different ways they see the pattern growing they will work to extend and generalize what they have made sense of.

Content: Number sense, number representation, algebraic thinking, generalization, pattern recognition, forming an algebraic expression, algebraic equivalence

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Day 4
Conjectures, Creativity and Uncertainty (Grades 9-12)

Day 4 begins with a film that shares a very important message for all math learners, speed is not important in mathematics learning and success. Grades 3-12 will experience a task we are really excited about. Students will explore an unsolved mathematics problem by generating number strings and making conjectures about the patterns they see. We have added links for you to find out more about this interesting problem and why they are called hailstone numbers. All Hail the Elephant!

Content: Number sense, pattern recognition, generalization, forming conjectures, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers

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Day 5
Engaging Our Visual Pathways (Grades 9-12)

Day 5 starts with a film showing students the importance of thinking about maths visually. 6-12 will work on a very rich task that we call: Painting Youcubed. This task provides students with an opportunity to see and use cubic measures, connecting them with abstract mathematical expressions. You can easily extend this task beyond one class period and we have shared some ideas for doing that.

Content: Number sense, pattern recognition, area, volume, surface area, shapes, algebraic thinking, generalization, forming an algebraic expression, algebraic equivalence

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