California Maths

Jo Boaler is one of the writers of the proposed new mathematics framework for California, which you can see in its entirety by clicking below.  The California Department of Education has also released Digital Learning Integration & Standards Guidance— you can click below to see the full CDE web page, or download a document with the mathematics standards. Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams were asked to prioritize mathematics standards, which they did by raising the standards to the level of “big ideas” , highlighting mathematical connections through network maps. One of the big issues addressed in the new framework is the ways students are systematically excluded from higher level content through tracking. Information about the benefits of “de-tracking” can be found below, and for educators interested professional development in this area, we are offering a new 1-day workshop on Teaching Heterogenous Groups.

A radio interview about the framework with Jo Boaler, a member of the committee which drafted the guidelines

CBS coverage of the proposed mathematics framework for California

Seeking signatures from anyone who is interested in giving each student in California access to a quality mathematics education

This paper by Jo Boaler and David Foster reviews an intervention in which student learning of mathematics increased dramatically.

A study comparing student achievement on MAC/MARS and California’s state tests

A state law concerning fair, objective, and transparent placement policies

Draft 2021 framework for public schools, kindergarten through 12th grade

California’s distance learning curriculum and instructional guidance

California’s newly proposed math framework seeks equity as part of the equation

A Washington Post article featuring Jo Boaler