Pepperoni Pizza

Mathematical Practice(s): ,
Grade(s): K 1st 2nd

Pepperoni Pizza

Number of Players: 1 or more
  • 2 dice per player
  • 10 or more snap cubes per player
Pepperoni Pizza

Task Instruction

  • Ask students roll a dice twice.
  • The first roll tells them how many pizzas to draw.
  • The second roll tells them how many pepperonis to put on EACH pizza.
  • Then they write the number sentence that will help them answer the question, “How many pepperonis in all?”
For example, I roll a dice and get 4 so I draw 4 big pizzas. I roll again and I get 3 so I put three pepperonis on each pizza. Then I write 4 x 3 = 12 and that tells me that there are 12 pepperonis in all.
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