Ice Cream Scoop

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Ice Cream Scoop

This is a really nice task as it is open to everyone, can be solved in different ways and can also extend to work in combinatorics – a nice way of organizing counting. Ask students to work on this task in groups, and to display their results on posters. Often we name students’ different approaches and strategies.
  • Pencils and Paper

Task Instruction

In shops with lots of ice-cream flavors there are many different flavor combinations, even with only a 2-scoop cone.  With 1 ice-cream flavor there is 1 kind of 2-scoop ice cream, but with 2 flavors there are 3 possible combinations (eg vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/chocolate, and vanilla/chocolate).
  • How many kinds of 2-scoop cones are there with 10 flavors?
  • What about “n” flavors?
  • Create a poster that represents your group’s thinking.
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