How Many Are Hiding

Mathematical Practice(s): ,
Grade(s): K 1st 2nd

How Many Are Hiding

In this class activity, students find the missing number to complete a number sentence while also seeing different representations made by other students.
  • 10 or more snap cubes /objects per player
  •  a cup for each player

Task Instruction

  • In this activity each child has the same number of cubes and a cup.
  • They take turns hiding some of their cubes in the cup and showing the leftovers.
  • Other children work out the answer to the question “How many are hiding,” and say the full number combination.
Example: I have 10 cubes and I decide to hide 4 in my cup. My group can see that I only have 6 cubes.  Students should be able to say that I’m hiding 4 cubes and that 6 and 4 make 10.
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