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    Ginny Mason

    In the video, Cathy used all 5 talk moves.  She used revoicing, “You used the reciprocal of 3/2, 2/3,” and then asked students to reason their answer.  She asked for reasoning multiple times from each student who provided an answer or was willing to apply their reasoning to someone else’s.  She used wait time when she didn’t have enough participation in the room to discuss the two possible answers using the convince a skeptic technique.  She asked for students to “add on” to existing answers and reasoning to improve participation and to expose different ways of making sense of the answer (number line, circle graphs, number sentences).  She also asked someone to restate someone else’s reasoning after they were convinced.  Clearly, Cathy is a very effective and accomplished teacher.  Leading her students through small group to whole class several times in the room and students willingness to reason out loud in front of the class is evidence of a safe and productive talk classroom.

    Marcel te Bokkel

    This video is a great example of the the Five Talk Moves and it is nice to see them in action.  In working with other teachers, it will be good to examine this video and identify the talk moves as a group.  Seeing someone do it, identifying them and discussing may go a long way to improving practice.

    Ginny Mason

    I agree with you about the video being a good exemplar for the 5 talk moves.  We are embarking on a lesson study this year in our math department.  I’m not sure what form that will take and how it will be conducted, but I’ll keep this video in mind.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)