Hello youcubians, I wanted to let you know about a new free resource we have released. It is a nicely illustrated short document that summarizes some of the main messages and ideas from my book: Mathematical Mindsets. It includes some recommendations for task design and some questions to promote deep thinking and conversations. I developed it with mathematics educators in the

Hello youcubians, I am excited to share with you today the release of a Scientific American Mind article I wrote with Pablo Zoido on the dangers of memorization approaches in maths. Pablo was an analyst for the OECD / PISA and together we analyzed data from 13 million students worldwide. We found that students who take a memorization approach are

Dear Youcubians, We hope you are having a lovely summer. We are really pleased to be able to release today our new Week of Inspirational Maths (2). A free set of mindset films and open creative maths lessons for K-12. You can view and download all of the new resources here. This year our 5 new films are a little more playful, I hope

Here is the complete video of Jo’s TEDx Stanford talk on how you can be good at math and other surprising facts about learning.

We at youcubed are very excited to release a set of resources that we have been working on for some time. I have written a new paper, with a Stanford neuroscientist, that has some stunning new brain research that could – and should – transform maths classrooms and homes. We are also releasing a set of activities that support the new research,

Available in English and Spanish! Here is a short handout for parents/guardians. It includes some advice I have written for ways to guide students in their mathematical journeys and some helpful links to areas of our site that parents can go to for more resources. I hope this is helpful – let us know how you use this in the discussion

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know that we are preparing something big and exciting for the week of NCSM and NCTM (April 11-15).  I am collaborating with neuroscientists at Stanford and we will be releasing some new evidence that I think is stunning.  As always, we will also give suggestions of what it means for classrooms, with some

Hi Everyone, I thought you might like to know – especially if you are at home because of blizzards – that on Monday morning from 10-11 am (Pacific) I am on the radio program “Forum.” The show is broadcast by KQED, which is the most-listened-to public radio station in the nation. KQED is based in San Francisco, but anyone can

Dear youcubians, This is one of those newsletters I really enjoy as we have new and exciting things to tell you about. Thank you to all of you who used some of our Week of Inspirational Math materials, they were downloaded one quarter of a million times! so we know they were used far and wide, which is wonderful. First,

Hi youcubians, As you may have seen from the media coverage, last week was an exciting one for the youcubed team with the launch of Think It Up! a new education initiative. Think It Up! is being supported by the entertainment industry and big funders. Together we are working to change the antiquated ideas about education, including those about mathematics

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